CUGC wouldn't be possible without you - the members who make this user group what it is. But there's also a full time staff working behind the scenes to support your efforts. CUGC HQ is here to assist you in making CUGC the user group you want.



George Abar

Executive Director, CUGC

Working with the Steering Committee, our leaders and the HQ staff, George manages our operations and growth. It's a great time at CUGC thanks to the community's engagement, energy and new ideas.


Stephanie Boozer

Senior Associate - Content & Local Support, CUGC

You may know Stephanie best as the voice of CUGC's webinars, but she's involved with much more. She works with our member-led Content Working Group and our SIGs to manage content on, including webinar organization and implementation, facilitating the community and CTP blogs, and overall content strategy.


Joshua Estep

Associate - Meetings & Local Support, CUGC

Local group meetings, webinars, website work, graphic design and anything else that might come up, Joshua provides a wide range of technical support to CUGC. 


Jennifer Gibbons

Senior Associate - Meetings & Local Support, CUGC

Have you attended a CUGC local meeting? If so, you've seen Jennifer's behind-the-scenes handiwork. Jennifer works directly with leaders, Citrix SEs and sponsors to support all aspects of our local meetings from planning to promotion and implementation.



Katie Heidkamp

Associate - Meetings & Local Support, CUGC

"A goal without a plan is just a wish.” By working alongside CUGC’s Meetings and Local Support Staff, Katie turns goals into realities by planning and executing local meetings with leaders to provide engaging events for the CUGC community. 


Brad Hornback

Deputy Executive Director, CUGC

If CUGC does it, there's a good chance Brad is involved with it. From working with leadership to website and platform support, Brad aims to help facilitate a great community experience for all our members.


Stephanie Roper

Community Manager, Citrix

Part geek, part cheerleader, Stephanie is your community champion, internal advocate, and public voice at Citrix. She has working knowledge of the product lines and works closely with the products team. In addition to daily community engagement, she will cultivate resources that will be deemed valuable to the community. Your success in this community is her motivation.


Kimberly Ruggero

Sr. Manager - Community Strategy & Programs, Citrix

To you, Kimberly is the eyes and ears of the CUGC program. She is one part CUGC advocate and one part strategist to ensure CUGC is continually meeting the needs of the member base. She works closely with our engineers, product marketers, and thought leaders to find the resources you need to bring you the content you want, while championing your milestones and driving strategy within our internal team.