Content Principles

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CUGC offers members, Citrix, Citrix partners and CUGC sponsors the opportunity to present to members through meeting presentations, webinars and similar forums. Our members are interested in content that is technical, educational, relevant to them and free of marketing pitches. The CUGC Content Working Group has developed these principles to help and guide presenters:

  1. CUGC will work with presenters to identify topics of interest.
  2. Presenters should avoid marketing content.
  3. Presenters will provide a summary for review before the event.
  4. Presenters should receive an individual’s approval before utilizing their work and recognize them in using it.
  5. CUGC may ask for improvements in a pending presentation.
  6. Live demos are encouraged; short videos are acceptable as backup.
  7. CUGC may record and share presentations.
  8. CUGC will not provide presenters with attendee contact information, unless attendees elect to provide it.
  9. Presenters may request business cards or circulate a sign-in form (such as requesting information for a raffle); the request must be opt-in.
  10. Individual presenters must have the technical capacity required for the audience.
  11. If circumstances require a substitute presenter, that person should possess similar technical knowledge and expertise.