Code of Conduct

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The Steering Committee has developed this code of conduct for all members, event attendees and presenters. Its purpose is to strengthen our community and help us achieve our mission of education, networking and influence.

  1. Support the CUGC mission. 
  2. Never use a CUGC position for marketing purposes or financial gain. 
  3. Protect the privacy of CUGC member information. 
  4. Be honest and forthright with fellow members. 
  5. Share knowledge and know-how with fellow members. 
  6. Abide by CUGC content principles
  7. Abide by the policies that guide leadership positions within CUGC. 
  8. Receive an individual’s approval before utilizing their work and recognize them in using it. 
  9. Display identification at events and abide by event rules. 
  10. Raise concerns of inappropriate behavior with CUGC leadership. 
  11. Be respectful and courteous to fellow members, attendees and staff in all communications. 
  12. Be mindful that CUGC leadership are volunteers.
  13. We welcome Citrix partner employees with technical expertise to contribute to technical discussions at our local group meetings. As a courtesy, we ask that partner sales employees not attend our local meetings.